Business Manager – The beginner’s guide

What is Business Manger?

Business Manager is a Facebook tool which helps you organize and manage your online business. The account is created by using your personal Facebook account in order to confirm your identity (it’s necessary to have an user and a password). This process is almost like connecting on Faceboook and trying to access other apps or services.

So, the first step to create an account for Business Manager, is to have a personal Facebook account in order to confirm your identity.

How we create the account?

Before creating the account in Business Manager, we must check that we have created the business page of the company that we want to promote. For this, we must take the following steps:

  • we open the page in a browser
  • click on the Create account button
  • write the name of our business in the blank field, and after that, click on the Next button
  • next we must write the name and the email of the business and then click on the Finish button.

How we assign the page on our Business Manager account?

With the help of Business Manager we can manage pages or add others ad accounts, and for making this happen, we have two options: add pages or request access.

In order to add the page of your business in Business Manager you must have set admin role and follow the next steps:

In Bussines Settings -> select Accounts -> click Pages -> click +Add -> select Add a page -> write the name of the page we want to add or we can put the Facebook URL of that page.

How we assign ad accounts ?

For adding ad accounts:

In Business Settings -> click Accounts -> Ad Accounts -> click +Add -> O sa selectam una dintre cele trei variante: add ad accountrequest access to an ad account sau create a new ad account.

If we choose to request access or add another ad account, we must add the account ID and attach it to Business Manager.

It’s very important to have in mind that once we deactivate an ads account it doesn’t mean that the ads account will not appear anymore.

Let’s talk about that three options that we must choose when we create an ads account:

  1. add an ad account: when you add an ads account, it will be permanently set in your Business Manager panel. That’s why it’s important to have an admin role. You can’t add ads accounts owned by other Business Manager accounts. Instead, if you want to work at an ads account owned by other Business Manager, we must request access.
  2. request access to an ad account: if we request permission to access an ads account owned by other Bussines Manager, we can access it only if the person who has an admin role gives us access to use it.
  3. create a new ad account: if we create a new ads account in Business Manager, that

How do we add people?

For adding people, who can help in managing the ads, you must insert their email addresses.

From Business Settings -> select People -> click +Add -> write their work email address and also choose the role that they will have in business page. For finishing it, we must click Add People.

The people that we have added will receive an email, where their accept is requested.

All this been said, these are the first steps in interacting with Business Manager. Good luck!