Business Intelligence

Cu serviciul nostru de Business Inteligence, analiza datelor nu a fost niciodată mai simplă. Mulțumită interfeței grafice interactive, acum poți beneficia de rapoarte amănunțite despre afacerea ta, printr-un simplu click.

Complex analysis program

The interactive visual analysis allows you to untie tricky business questions and quickly reach the prospects for growing your business. Our "Business Intelligence" services provide you with relevant analyzes, in order for you to ask deeper questions and provide the most accurate answers.

Fast adjustment to your needs

When working with data is easy, fun and impacting, amazing things can happen. Whether you create workbooks and dashboards, ask questions about analytics published by others or try to make data more relevant to each other, our "Business Intelligence" solutions make it easy to get value from your data.

Big Data

Exploring and analyzing large data transforms the information into a perspective. However, the massive scale, the growth and variety of data are simply too much to manage traditional databases. For this reason, companies are moving towards technologies such as the Hadoop, Spark, and NoSQL databases, to meet their information needs, which are rapidly growing.

Colaborăm îndeaproape cu liderii din acest spațiu pentru a susține orice platformă pe care clienții noștri o aleg. Soluțiile noastre „Business Intelligence” vă permit să găsiți această valoare în datele companiei, dar și în investițiile existente în aceste tehnologii, astfel încât compania dvs. să profite la maximum de datele sale. De la fabrici la firme de marketing, finanțe sau companii aeriene - ajutăm întreprinderile să vadă și să înțeleagă datele mari.

Providing Cloud reports

Our approach to Cloud technology is simple: we let you choose. The choice of accessing your data and analysis files from anywhere and the flexibility to implement our solutions wherever you want. Cloud Solutions from Play Solutions influence physical or Cloud investments so that you can access your information at any time.

Maximum Business Impact

Big Data Platforms allow you to collect, store and manage more data than ever before. Unseen prior forms occur when we combine and analyze very large data samples. These models contain business-critical information that enable business processes, which need to cross department lines to be optimized.

Strengthening and democratizing data

Our solutions reduce the need to centralize individual reports from multiple software or databases. Now you can see everything in one place and discover new models that you could not see using separate individual reports. Moreover, explore these data through the eyes of the entire organization, having the opportunity to ask more questions and make more discoveries.

Going from ”Good Enough” to Great

Broad viewing of reports will not only help you understand more about your data, provide quicker, more meaningful answers, and even inspire others to ask questions and answer new questions.

Business Management Dashboards

A good business dashboard instantly provides the necessary information. A business dashboard combines high performance and ease of use, in order to allow anyone get data-based answers to their deeper questions. The Intelligent Business Solutions dashboard allows non-technical users to generate interactive, real-time views in just minutes.

With only a few clicks, they can can combine data sources, add filters, and analyze certain information. Sharing a dashboard does not require programming, whether on our server or on any portal or web page. The best part is that you can connect to multiple data sources, providing new opportunities to discover new hidden information in your data.

View your data in new forms

Now you can quickly make informed decisions. Connect, model and then explore your data with visual reports that you can watch, publish or share. Our solutions integrate with other tools, including Microsoft Excel, so you can be more productive and work smoothly with existing solutions. Connect to your data wherever you live. Then explore your data with amazing interactive views.

Publish reports and dashboards, collaborate with your team, and share information inside and outside of your organization.

Benefit from seamless access to all your office or business files with the Power BI applications built by Microsoft, our partners and your organization.

Deepen your Customer Knowledge

One of the core reasons of growth in the demand for tools that provide Business Intelligence is that now, more than ever, it is extremely important to understand how your customers interact with your business and how to capture your attention best - or, more specifically, to encourage them to help. Without this knowledge, it is possible to stay behind your competition.

The reality faced today by business owners is that people are less receptive to offers. The usual way from the initial interest to the point of purchase has changed radically over the last five years. Nowadays, emphasis is put more on engagement than on promotion; shaping a profile of your potential customers is more useful than concentrating on outsiders, outbound based on mass sales.

Solutions such as CRM are an essential tool to provide the necessary information and tailor your business to attract new customers. We talked about the shaping of data from different departments; but it is equally important to emphasize the importance of implementing the platform you choose - between sales, marketing, customer service, operations, product development and finance.

This is the direction of launching the "unique version of the truth" - holistic customer profiles based on each interaction with your company, throughout the visit, regardless of the communication channel. This is a real solution for commercial intelligence, providing a detailed insight into buyer's behavior and trends, and enabling you to improve your sales, marketing, and business development strategies accordingly.

Making smart decisions

As a manager or business owner, it's vital to keep up with the conclusions that come from your organization's data. As we all know, information is not equal to intelligence! This is especially true if this information is "broken" into disparate parts of your business.

The main purpose of a BI initiative is to transform your company's information into a structured and analytical perspective - in other words, real business intelligence that can inform strategic decision-making within the company. Based on our customers' own experiences, it is clear that instant access to information will not only lead to better business decisions, but will ultimately contribute to superior financial performance.

The cornerstone for intelligent decision making is a unique centralized warehouse that makes data all about your business activities and customer interactions. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) plays an invaluable role here. A well-implemented CRM acts as a bridge between teams and will allow you to run reports that offer a range of key business values ​​- productivity, staff performance, product preferences, sales cycles, customer behavior, core customers, revenue and market trends - all ready for analysis by the management team.

It is possible to quickly identify performance hotspots and signaling if processes could be emulated in other parts of the business or where adjustments need to be made. Any decision that results from it will be based on hard facts rather than assumptions.

Give your customers a memorable experience

According to Gartner, customer experience (CX) has become the "new marketing frontier" - and more than two-thirds of marketers say their firms "compete mostly for CX." Therefore, it is imperative that your customer knowledge efforts deliver results in CX growth, customer overall satisfaction and retention.

In connection with our last point of view, immediate access to a unique customer statistics is the basic element here. It is perfectly achievable, and anyone who needs this information can have an up-to-date statistics of each customer that takes into account all the real-time information, including in-service cases, past purchases and actions on our site. It provides the foundation for an improvement in customer service as well as quick action when a customer may be in the "buying mode."

Such statistics also help to manage any hazards if a service failure is likely to affect CX. One of our clients, Laura Mold, Executive Director of SSG Recruitment Ltd., "Having access to all of our information in one place, anywhere, anytime, we've helped improve data accuracy and management." Keeping track of up-to-date interactions allows the company to improve the commitment, support and experience of our customers."

Considering the new customer knowledge, you can also perform segmentation activities to identify the typical profits of the most profitable customers by helping you check whether resources are being properly deployed and if you attract the right kind of prospects to reach your business growth goals.

Increase Productivity

Business Intelligence has the potential to eliminate inefficient bottlenecks, refine existing business processes, automate routine tasks, and bring new levels of organization and prioritization to everyone's work.

Increasing efficiency and productivity can be considerable, including a customer-responsive service, better use of sales people time, and better measurement of product development cycles and marketing campaigns.

The efficiency element is also obvious at a higher level thanks to automated reports and dashboards. Centralizing the data itself and building it on any Cloud device reduces the working time of everyone. One of our customers whose employees often work remotely told us that their Cloud CRM solution has reduced call volume back to the office - significantly boosting productivity and data integrity.

Recover your investment quickly

To achieve all of the above, we need to consider a vast improvement in return on investment within the company - from managing daily efficiency, sales conversion metrics and customer experience to analysis, modeling and crafting future growth strategies.

Without the right understanding and discipline, it's easy to give up the old ways of doing things in hypotheses and preconceptions - especially with regard to customer behavior and preferences - and that could put your company entirely on a wrong course, with the aim of tracking, informing, guiding, managing and measuring customer experience - incorporating the firm notion in the company culture that every team and individual is responsible for putting the customer at the heart of the business.

As we have already suggested, the emphasis is far from department-specific solutions and enterprise-level implementations that help companies maintain all tactical and strategic business activities, aligned closely with current goals. That is why BI can be briefly described as giving managers a "clearer idea of ​​how well their companies work and whether they are meeting goals."

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