GDPR Compliance – everything you need to know about it

The GDPR services offered by Play Solutions for websites and ecommerce stores, allow you to meet all the new set of rules about data protection and privacy, which will be enforced from 2018 in all EU coutries.

Why it’s important to align your site to the GDPR law?

  1. Organizations can be liable for fines up to 20 million or 4% of their total revenue.
  2. Possible material damages requested by customers
  3. Losing customer’s confidence and reputation of your brand

Features of the service offered by Play Solutions

The right to be forgotten

According to the GDPR policy, you have to give your customers the right to edit or delete their personal data.

Cookie scanner

According to the privacy policy, you can automatically detect the cookies on your site and can display them directly on page

Service compatibility

Our GDPR service can be easily integrated with online stores.

Cookie box accept

The visitors can set their preferences for using cookies on your site.

Portability of data

Users’ personal data can be automatically downloaded directly by email.

Does your site respect GDPR law? Contact us and receive a free auditing.