Bucharest College of Physicians is a professional, non-governmental organization with legal personality and apolitical status. CMMB is independent of state, local or central government, political parties and patronage.

The organization defends dignity and promotes the rights and interests of its members in all spheres of activity, defends the honor, freedom and professional independence of the physicians in the exercise of the profession.

The challenge

The CMMB has been designed as a complex site that can provide relevant medical information for its readers and also support them through certain documents, registers and contact details. To ensure a better user experience, our team has designed a minimalist and well-structured design.

Website development

Our developers and designers have worked together throughout the project. From setting up a content inventory to detailing a sitemap that illustrates all categories in a single general menu.

In its current form, the site is very simple and intuitive, so any visitor immediately finds out how to access the category that interests him / her.


Improving the loading speed

For a massive site like, the loading speed is always a delicate subject. That's why, improving speed and ensuring a pleasant user experience were some of our priorities.

We've been able to improve loading speed by merging CSS and JS files into one but also by installing a plugin for WordPress. As result the site now has a load time of less than 3 seconds.