If you want to know how to use information technology to improve your business activities, your are in the right place.

We provide consulting on information technology based on our past experience (some of relevant experience you can find reading a short description of Nicu PLAI professional activity) in order to offer you proper solution for your needs. We also can analyse, design and implement the IT solutions that you need.

Our vision about services is this: “Things are not difficult. It’s hard to put yourself in the state of doing them”- Constantin Brancusi

Below, I list some of the major areas where we offer solutions:

  • Custom middle and enterprise applications (ERP, CRM) – based on your business dimension, your needs and budget we can analyse, design and implement solutions on proper technologies like: Microsoft ASP.NET, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, Php etc. We have worked on applications with small to giant applications, with databases from megabytes to terrabytes.
  • Business Intelligence – extract the intelligence from your business and tune your business. Based on your informations that are collected on IT solutions, you can take business decisions, so please, let us show you how to do that. These few words describe best what is Business Intelligence: “Intelligence must give life action, without it, the action is futile, but no action that is barren intelligence” – Roger Martin Dugard
  • Websitea and online services (magazin-model.ro) – presentation site or online shop as you need. Beside creating optimization for search engine visibility, we can offer advices or deal to promote and highlight on the Internet. For more details on this area, please follow the link magazin model (attention, target site is in Romanian).
  • Database tunning – in time, databases are getting bigger and bigger and in most of the cases initial architecture is exceeded and IT solutions are getting slower, are consuming more space etc. In this case is requiered a maintenance to be done and also to implement a maintenance plan and we can provide you this kind of solutions too.