Visual identity

We provide you with a unique graphic concept, in line with the latest trends in the industry. With this feature, you will increase your brand authority and you will be much more appreciated by your customers and partners. This package includes:


We are building a unique logo that will provide you with a memorable brand and will lead customers to give your business more confidence. With an elegant, simple and authentic logo that you can use on all your promotional materials, your business will get the visual identity you always want.

Business Card Template

To be sure that your business denotes professionalism and creativity, you need a tailor-made business card. Our visual identity package also includes a business card template that we make after a discussion with you. The business card template will be unique in design and will help you create a first positive impression for your customers and partners. Moreover, we design templates for Word documents as well as graphic materials for social networks.

Word Template Documents

An invoice, a customer notification, or even a contract can increase your brand authority. Big companies always use official documents to further promote their brand, and now you can do the same thing. With the personalized template for Word documents, you can put your logo in value and you can provide a unique identity for every contract, invoice, or notification you issue.

Graphic Materials for social networks (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn)


A strong presence on social media is needed if you want to increase your brand authority. However, to ensure consistent business growth, you will need unique, professionally-crafted graphics. Thanks to our service, you will receive original profile pictures and cover photos, suited to your business profile.