Comerț online Z-Performance
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eCommerce Z-Performance

Z-Performance is a specialized dealer of premium rims and accessories, this business managing to stand out through its professionalism and unique offer. This online store offers its customers a wide range of products, suitable for any budget and preferences.

The challenge

Our client wanted a strong presence in the online environment, so both the design and the functionality of the site had to be in full harmony. Being a premium product site, the design was supposed to be a match for the quality of their services. So we’ve opted for a "Carousel" design, with high-quality graphics and well-structured product categories.

Building the site

The user experience part is very complex from the very beginning, so we divided it into several stages. From account creation and website navigation, to the ordering and check out systems, we wanted everything to be impeccable, intuitive and natural. We have provided space and time for the users to explore the site, move from one category to another, and make product combinations.

Responsive design

Since more and more people are shopping on a mobile device, ensuring a responsive design has been one of our priorities. Thus, design elements and product classification have been designed to provide user-friendly navigation and to encourage them to explore the product gallery.