Custom Development

We are ready to adapt to your needs and develop a wide range of personalized web applications, which will make your business stand out in a crowd of competitors.

We know what to do so your website will look great on the online environment

Every digital agency has some web development solutions, but in order to excel, it must leave this part to the specialists. With our Custom Development package, you will have access to professional services and have more time to focus on growing your business.

How does it work?

Custom code Websites

You provide us with the design, and our developers will build a fully functional site based on your requirements, using the Foundation or Bootstrap frameworks.

Pay per Project

Now you can be sure that every project you start is profitable because you will receive a fixed price quota, right before sending the customer's quotation in turn.

Any Design

We can work with any design file as input (PSD, Sketch, Illustrator, Adobe XD, ...), or convert an existing site.

Buildout of the custom development process

2.1 We collect the materials and decide together how your site will look like

Each project starts with the collection of materials for the design website development and with discussions regarding the site's functionalities. Ideally, we would like to receive: a) Photoshop layered (or Sketch, Illustrator, XD, Webflow, ...) files; b) detailed instructions on functionality and UI / UX type elements; c) any other preferences related to how to build your site;

2.2 We offer you a price quota

Before starting the development process, we will give you a fixed price quota for the project, based on design files and specifications. After accepting the offer, an experienced developer will start working on the custom site you want.

2.3 We build your site

The site is coded according to the provided materials and specifications. After two rounds of feedback with an internal quality specialist, feedback that includes testing the website on multiple mobile devices and browsers, the site is being submitted for review.

2.4 We deliver your site

After internal quality assurance, the account manager will contact you to organize a final round of feedback. When the feedback is complete, we transfer all the files associated with the site to a location of your choice.

The benefits of working with us



Each agency is different. We will get accustomed to your preferences, to ensure that every project we achieve will rise to your standards. This way, you can proudly put your brand label on all the sites we build for you.


We have quality assurance specialists checking each website, just before sending it for review.

Project management

As soon as you start working with us, we will put you in touch with a project manager who will communicate with you about all the projects. Within our office, project managers supervise and manage the progress of your projects.


We develop all sites with great attention to detail. In addition to verifying the quality of all projects, we also guarantee a 90 days free of charge error fixing.

Alternatives for a higher volume of work

If you have more than one project and you prefer to communicate directly with the people involved, you can hire our developers as remote members of your team. Hire a developer Benefit from the flexibility of a freelancer and the stability of an agency, by hiring one of our developers as a member of your remote team. Is a remote developer suitable for your business?

Agencies with a large volume of projects can effectively use full-time developers to complete all their projects instead of working with us in the pay-per-project system. When you hire a developer from our company, you benefit from increased flexibility, because you no longer have to worry about administrative duties or HR obligations towards the employee.