Custom Application April

APRIL Romania (formerly Coris Romania), a member of the APRIL international group, provides assistance services for insurance companies, when an insured event takes place, and as a broker, it offers high-quality insurance products.

The application developed by our team for APRIL has enabled a more effective collaboration with insured people and created a safer data management environment.

The challenge

The Insurers Management app should automatically centralize all insured person's personal data and provide relevant information about the situation of each insured person. Considering that APRIL has contracts worth millions of Lei, the database was supposed to work impeccably, and all information should be displayed in a correct, error-free manner.

Application development

For the development of this application, we used Php 7 programming language, Laravel framework, Composer and Artisan libraries manager. We used MySQL server to store the information and build the database.

Automating the whole data centralization process has been another challenge for our team, but we have managed to create a professional, accurate and extremely useful product for the customer.

Graphic interface

Besides the very complex Backend technology of this application, we focused our efforts on the Front End. Thus, we have managed to design an extremely attractive, user-friendly and easy-to-access graphical interface by both insurers and visitors.