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On AndraOnline, you will find out about the lifestyle of a very beloved Romanian artist and you will find useful information in the areas of her interest: beauty, fashion, parenting, travel and more.

Used technologies

For the development of this presentation site we used the following technologies: HTML, CSS, PHP, jQuery and MySQL. This web page runs on the WordPress platform and is optimized for search engines through innovative technology. For site security, we have installed an excellent plug-in that prevents any security breach.

What were the provided services

Our team has fully developed the graphic design of the site, its development with the technologies presented above and ensured the correct functioning of the platform through planning and testing. We have also made it easier for the site to run smoothly by installing tools that ensure a fast upload speed for the site and a user-friendly navigation experience.

Optimization for mobile devices

AndraOnline has been optimized to work smoothly on any static or mobile device, using innovative technologies tested by our team. All this, to ensure the site's compatibility with any device. Visit the AndraOnline site for more details about the layout and how it works, or ask for a price quote to talk about building your own site.