Informational Website DecSolar

Our challenge for the new Decsolar site was to create something new, user friendly and easy to manage.

Project details

The client had a lot of existing data and a certain functionality on the old site and we needed to find a way to keep the systems working, while presenting something new and fresh.

We like to work closely with our clients. Here we had the opportunity not only to redo the custom WordPress theme, but we managed to help reshape it - without having to start from scratch.

We were proud to offer an innovative design for Decsolar, which will highlight it and create a welcoming user experience.

Font used – Raleway

Raleway is an elegant Sans-Serif font, noted for its delicate lines. It is a model that presents both old numbers and letters, standard and discretionary ligatures, a complete set of diacritics, as well as a stylistic alternative inspired by several geometric methods of the Sans-Serif type.

Color palette

Descolar colors are simple and universal. The basic color palette used combines the official brand elements of Decsolar in a range of blue and green designed to reflect trust and nature. Less is usually more. That's why we tried to keep the palette simpler and not use too many colors. In general, 3-4 colors are sufficient.

Convert PSD to WordPress

The new DecSolar site had two important attributes: efficient functionality and an attractive and easy to use design. And because a website will not be effective if it excels in only one aspect, everything has been reduced to design and code. Building a custom site starts with establishing a unique design, created in Photoshop.

In general, the entire process of converting PSD to WordPress is to transfer a site element from PSD files into an HTML and CSS file format that will fit the file structure of a typical WordPress theme. This is achieved either by using the conversion tool and utilities, or by manually performing the conversion process, using the following steps: logo design, theme design and building other graphic features.

Compared to the old site, the new DecSolar platform offers a more airy overview for its users, while also being able to present in an expressive way all the services and news offered by the site.

Both the "Products" section and the "Services" section improve the user experience, by clearly and concisely displaying the reference information, but also by framing them on the page, in an extremely interactive way.