Site de prezentare Institutul Bancar Român – IBR

Informational Website Romanian Banking Institute - RBI

Romanian Banking Institute (RBI) is a leading provider of financial and banking training programmes, successfully covering areas of high interest to companies.

The challenge that RBI gave us was a nice one, the Play Team successfully implemented the presented graphics, which were customized to the client's requirements.

The website is developed by the Play Team on the WordPress platform and the design was customized later using Elementor.

Responsive design

As with most of the sites we develop, we put a lot of emphasis on responsive design. Thus, the design elements and the way services are classified have been designed to ensure a pleasant navigation for users and to provide them with easy information about the services offered by RBI.


  • Implementation of Google Analytics services;
  • Integration with social media;
  • Implementation of courses calendar;
  • Integration with standard pages: Terms and Conditions / Privacy policy;