Site de prezentare Șapte Spice SA

Informational Website Șapte Spice SA

ȘAPTE SPICE is one of the biggest players in the Romanian baking industry. Their flours are known for their quality and the strictness with which they are produced.

The challenge

The challenge that Șapte Spice gave us was a nice one, the Play Team successfully implemented the graphics presented (previously worked on).

The website is developed by the Play Team on the WordPress platform. The client also wanted to integrate a blog, so there are many articles on their site.

Responsive design

As we use to do with all the websites we develop, we have put emphasis on responsive design. Therefore, the design elements and the way services are categorised have been designed to ensure a pleasant navigation for users and to provide them with easy information about the services offered by Șapte Spice.


  • Implementation of Google Analytics services;
  • Integration with social media;
  • Implementation of request product offer;
  • Implementation of careers - custom job application by county;