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Online Comunity Cat Music

Cat Music is one of the most important record labels in Romania, which is associated with successful artists such as Cabron, Crbl, Andreea Banica, Delia, DJ Sava, Elena Gheorghe, Feli, Florin Ristei, Jo, Ilinca Bacila, George, Jukebox , Kamelia, Lidia Buble, Mandinga, Monoir, Nadir, Night Later, Oana Radu, Olga Verbitchi, Ruby, Smiley, Voltaj and What's Up. Over time, Cat Music has also collaborated with history-writing bands like Andre, BUG Mafia, La Familia, O-Zone, N & D, Class, Ro-Mania and Valahia.

The challenge

Cat Music is a special site that needed the development of an intuitive and user-friendly platform. When we built the site, the challenge was to build a platform that was attractive enough to rise to the height of the Cat Music brand. And we did it!

Optimization for mobile devices

The Cat Music site is responsive so the users can access it anytime, from any mobile device. In terms of design, we intended to create a cleaner, trendy layout, with a rich color palette and a style that fits the company’s business.


Even if WordPress is the most appropriate CMS for a presentation site, it has certain vulnerabilities. That's why, we worked as hard on the security part of the theme. In addition to deploying malware prevention measures, we have provided complex security solutions for the theme, as well as consulting in choosing a suitable hosting package.