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Informational Website Recorder

Recorder is an independent media agency based on two important directions: uncompromising advertising and readers' contribution., which focuses on video production, enjoys hundreds of thousands of views each month and aims to become the most important video-journalism platform in Romania.

The challenge

An ambitious project such as Recorder, needed a website that matches their reputation and which can highlight their representative reportages. Being an independent press agency, site design has to meet two conditions: to be simple but also well structured.

Thus, the final decision was to build a "clean" layout that highlights the main themes of the site's interest, with a theme that allows you to quickly access any category.

Website development

Because the Recorder site is running on the WordPress platform, we've had the opportunity to develop personalized features that better fit the quality of their work. The interface had to be welcoming, but at the same time needed to have a slightly authoritative note.

That's why the home page has a simple look to make it easy to browse all the reports, and the colors of the buttons on the page create an interactive layout.


Since the start of the project, security has been one of the priorities. Thus, we focused on implementing malicious infection prevention tools and security solutions.

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